Happy New Year! Happy New Blog

I've been really wanting to finally have a blog which i can really maintain and extend, and when else is the best way to start it? Yes, that's right! It's on New Year's day!

It's 12:05 AM, and while my neighborhood is busy lighting their pyrotechnics, or singing and dancing at the nearby street party, i am also busy writing this entry. Though most Filipinos welcome new year with a big bang, we opted not to go along with the tradition since we do have a lot of pets, and these pets are more irritated than pleased on New Year Celebrations. But we do have plenty of food on our dinning table (hahaha) including the 13 round fruits (they say its good luck), and we often don't eat them all until morning for our breakfast. Well, having a full dinning table isn't really that important to me. I'm contented when my family is safe during New Year.

Oh, I think the party is already waiting for me. I'm getting too late for the celebration. I'll think I'll just have to end my first entry here (I'm not really a fan of very long posts). GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Happy New Year Guys!

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