BE-ing Cool

For those who want to explore more things for your PC, why don't you try BeOS? Although BeOS, or the Be Operating System, might be so unfamiliar than MS Windows or even Linux, this video clip shows how powerful this system could be.

Just like Linux, this system runs pretty well, not to mention super fast, on older PCs that we think don't function anymore with MS Windows. As you can see in the video, the system doesn't really have a superb Graphical User Interface as compared to MS Vista, Mac OS X, or Linux Beryl, but that doesn't mean it can't compete with these more familiar systems. The BeOS is certainly an interesting product you can try for your old PC.

LCD vs CRT: The Monitor Match

LCD or Liquid Crystal Display monitors have been very popular these days. Although the Cathode Ray Tube or CRT monitors are still in use in almost every computer cafe in town, it is not too long before LCD monitors eventually replace these traditional display systems. But before that happens, I think it would be proper for us to know what makes LCD monitors better than their CRT counterparts. Let's make it one point at a time.


This is the most obvious difference between the two monitors. CRT monitors, from the name itself, still use the older technology of cathode rays tubes. This is similar the traditional TV's and this is also the reason why CRT's are bulky. LCD's in the other hand utilizes miniature transistors, one of the more sophisticated inventions of our time. This is why LCD's are relatively slimmer and more space saving.

Energy Efficiency

LCD monitors produce less heat as compared to CRT's. The tube on CRT's generate much of the heat of the monitor, thus is not as energy efficient as the LCD. This makes LCD more power and energy saver, making it more useful in the future settings.


This is the only department where the CRT monitor has an advantage over the LCD. LCD monitors cost more than twice the price of CRT's. But don't worry LCD fans, LCD monitors are less energy consumers, so energy bills will be lesser if you have LCD's.

My conclusion: LCD monitors are the monitors of the near future. The only thing that impedes the fast success of LCD's is its cost. If we find ways to produce LCD monitors in cheaper ways, then CRT's might be gone for good sooner than we expect.

Learn More About Your PC!

A lot of us use our personal computers or PCs everyday, for school and office works, games, music, and even movies. But how many of us actually knows what our PCs are? Like what are the chunks of chips that actually making it run? A good software can help us answer that. CPU-Z

CPU-Z ( or just CPUZ)
is a simple software that summarizes your PC's hardware information such as motherboard, processor, and RAM. It's so simple that you don't really have to install it just to make it work. This software gives you an idea why your PC is running as it is. It helps you especially when you want to upgrade your system, or when you simply want to boast your multicore processor. CPUZ is a free software, no need to worry for the cost. Plus, it's less than 1MB so you can download it easily and fast. Download it here now!

Bad News: I Missed the Earth Hour.. Good News: Read This

I have been wanting to join the movements to help save the earth against global warming, since I know I am also having my share on the global phenomenon. The chance came to me when I knew about Earth Hour, a simple but noble activity that will surely help our cause against global warming. Earth Hour is just very simple, I just have to turn off the lights for an hour starting 8PM. But because of some reasons, I totally forgot about Earth Hour and all the noble things I thought I could have easily done just for an hour. What a failure.

But hey, I realize still have more chances to help save the earth. And as a person who constantly rely on technology, I am continuously draining energy, which is one of the primary reasons we have this Global Warming. And so I thought of other things which I can personally do to help against this world problem.

1. Conserve Energy - our electronic gadgets consume much of our energy at home. Try to unplug and turn off all that electronic equipment that you think are not actually in use. Turning off lights during the day, or minimizing your airconditioner thermostat during cool nights can be a good start.

2. Avoid Burning - when we burn, we are producing heat energy and carbon dioxide, the main ingredients of Global Warming. Let's start decomposing our biodegradable wastes in the natural way now. It also helps nourish the soil you know.

3. Walk More - walking more helps us save fuel and money, which are already hard to find these days. Not only that we also get to exercise our bodies, thus making us fit and healthy.

These are just some of my ways that I think I can personally do. You can also generate your save-the-earth list. Let us all remember that no single man brought Global Warming to its existence. Therefore no single man can also save this problem, IT TAKES ALL OF MANKIND. Let's be part of this noble cause now, or suffer the consequences now and later.

Free PC to Mobile SMS!

I already know that a lot of you know about the Chikka Messenger and its free text serves. And I also know that most, if not all, get frustrated everytime time you're prompted that the recipient must reply at least once, blah blah blah blah. Thanks to me, you can leave that sad experience in the dust. Here's how. When you're prompted but that annoying message, just delete your buddy from your buddy list. Then add it again and Chikka will consider it new, so you can send texts again for free. I call this one AMAZING!

If you think that's not enough, wait until you hear this. There's actually another website that offers the same free services like Chikka. Try and check it, click here You just have to register once, no need to download and install anything, then you're up and ready to send free SMS to US, CANADA and PHILIPPINES! This is so COOOOOL!

I've already tried both of these, and I'm very much pleased with what I just discovered.

dont forget your comments!

A Thought on Generic Chinese Phones

On the dawn of cellular phone war, where more and more manufacturers try to outwit, outlast, and outplay their fellow competitors, the cradle of cheap labor now joins this technological competition. If you're wondering, I'm referring to the low-cost Chinese mobile phones that are available in your local cellphone shop.

Last week, my elder brother bought himself one of these generic phones. I am curious myself about how it works and why it so relatively cheap compared to branded mobile phones. Well, let me start on its features. The mobile phone isn't that bad at all with its touch screen feature and MP3 playback capabilities. It also comes with the basic connectivity of Bluetooth and USB, and a CMOS camera, though I'm not sure how many megapixels. I think P5,500 isn't too bad for a price compared to P20,000-25,000 of other brands with practically similar features. Oh, I almost forgot, it has an embedded analog TV and FM, and dual SIM feature. I think the analog TV and dual SIM capabilities separate it from other products available.

Although I'm still not sure on its durability and resistance to common misuse, I think that these generic phones could can be a good substitute for those who don't have much budget. They can still enjoy up-to-date technology without overspending their money. Remember that prices are greatly influenced by production and advertisement costs.

Another Good Site for Bloggers

Summer break is getting a little boring that I expected to be, but don't worry fellow bloggers. I just found new buzz and a good site that will surely be a hit for us who wants to be productive this summer.

Introducing: Snapbomb. is a website that caters advertisers, who consider blog advertising for their products, and bloggers, who have a passion to to write and earn at the same time. The idea is actually simple, blog marketing. Advertisers are looking for bloggers to write them reviews and bloggers look for advertisers to have something to write about as well. Snapbom facilitates this kind of business to make things easier for advertisers and bloggers. Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Give it a try now and see that how it works.

i'm back

It's been a while since i last updated my blog. School has never been that busy the past few weeks, not to mention the sleepless nights I've been trying to overcome just to pass some subjects, just "some" subjects. Anyway, the second semester is over and I only have a couple of weeks before summer classes get on my schedule, so I decided to have a little blog makeover.

A good friend named Kirby once referred me to a blog which talks about blog templates and other blogging stuffs. I actually like some templates there, try checking them yourself My current template is actually taken there. And as I was trying to figure out how to make my blog look better, another good friend Agnes, suggested good sites that also deals with free blog templates (she's a computer science student by the way). And so I visited these referred sites:,, and

I admit there are plenty good templates out there, but I still need to experiment on how to make them fit for my own. Do you think you can help me? I will surely welcome your suggestions and comments.

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