Free PC to Mobile SMS!

I already know that a lot of you know about the Chikka Messenger and its free text serves. And I also know that most, if not all, get frustrated everytime time you're prompted that the recipient must reply at least once, blah blah blah blah. Thanks to me, you can leave that sad experience in the dust. Here's how. When you're prompted but that annoying message, just delete your buddy from your buddy list. Then add it again and Chikka will consider it new, so you can send texts again for free. I call this one AMAZING!

If you think that's not enough, wait until you hear this. There's actually another website that offers the same free services like Chikka. Try and check it, click here You just have to register once, no need to download and install anything, then you're up and ready to send free SMS to US, CANADA and PHILIPPINES! This is so COOOOOL!

I've already tried both of these, and I'm very much pleased with what I just discovered.

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-edz- said...

i use chikka almost everyday.
i use it to text sa pinas. and it never failed me ever since. in fact along the way, i've discovered some ways to cheat the rules and have unlimited credits. =)

nKae said...

share sad sa imo mga nadiscover dha edz!


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