Learn More About Your PC!

A lot of us use our personal computers or PCs everyday, for school and office works, games, music, and even movies. But how many of us actually knows what our PCs are? Like what are the chunks of chips that actually making it run? A good software can help us answer that. CPU-Z

CPU-Z ( or just CPUZ)
is a simple software that summarizes your PC's hardware information such as motherboard, processor, and RAM. It's so simple that you don't really have to install it just to make it work. This software gives you an idea why your PC is running as it is. It helps you especially when you want to upgrade your system, or when you simply want to boast your multicore processor. CPUZ is a free software, no need to worry for the cost. Plus, it's less than 1MB so you can download it easily and fast. Download it here now!


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