Bad News: I Missed the Earth Hour.. Good News: Read This

I have been wanting to join the movements to help save the earth against global warming, since I know I am also having my share on the global phenomenon. The chance came to me when I knew about Earth Hour, a simple but noble activity that will surely help our cause against global warming. Earth Hour is just very simple, I just have to turn off the lights for an hour starting 8PM. But because of some reasons, I totally forgot about Earth Hour and all the noble things I thought I could have easily done just for an hour. What a failure.

But hey, I realize still have more chances to help save the earth. And as a person who constantly rely on technology, I am continuously draining energy, which is one of the primary reasons we have this Global Warming. And so I thought of other things which I can personally do to help against this world problem.

1. Conserve Energy - our electronic gadgets consume much of our energy at home. Try to unplug and turn off all that electronic equipment that you think are not actually in use. Turning off lights during the day, or minimizing your airconditioner thermostat during cool nights can be a good start.

2. Avoid Burning - when we burn, we are producing heat energy and carbon dioxide, the main ingredients of Global Warming. Let's start decomposing our biodegradable wastes in the natural way now. It also helps nourish the soil you know.

3. Walk More - walking more helps us save fuel and money, which are already hard to find these days. Not only that we also get to exercise our bodies, thus making us fit and healthy.

These are just some of my ways that I think I can personally do. You can also generate your save-the-earth list. Let us all remember that no single man brought Global Warming to its existence. Therefore no single man can also save this problem, IT TAKES ALL OF MANKIND. Let's be part of this noble cause now, or suffer the consequences now and later.


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