behold the wonders of LINUX

My blog entry entitled "The Other Look of My Computer" has drawn quite an attention to most of my classmates. Many of them are first time to hear about the existence of other operating system other than the traditional Windows. Some actually already know about Linux, but they have not yet encountered a friend or someone the personally know who actually uses the Linux system. If you think you are just like most of my classmates, behold and read this one.

Linux actually existed longer than we have thought. It was developed by then a young computer science student of the University of Helsinki in Finland, named Linus Torvalds, and shared it to the world wide web in the early '90s. Linux is an Open Source software, which means you can copy, modify, and even distribute it at a completely free of charge. Today, Linux has grown from a simple set of codes to a system that supports many critical parts of the World Wide Web. Windows may be what most end users use, but these users don't know that most of the Internet serves and even network firewalls are Linux based because of its sure reliability, unlimited flexibility, rock solid stability and of course, unparalleled cost.

For you who still can't imagine what Linux truly is, I have embedded a video clip which compares the latest Windows Vista and a Linux Distribution, the Ubuntu Linux (the one I installed in my pc).

This clip features the Advanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) of a Linux system. I'm still looking for some applications so that I can also record my Linux session into a video clip so I can post it here in the future.

I hope you enjoyed it.


danpakz said...

i'm not a linux user but i appreciated much there work! :D

The Unknown Philosopher said...

well, i am a certified ubuntu linux user!

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