Experiment 2 - signals


Experiment 2 is similar to the previous experiment. Before, we are just made to familiarize ourselves with Matlab and its basic mathematical functions. In this second experiment, matrices were now very useful because we were asked to graph elementary signals in STEM and STAIR functions of Matlab, and these signals can be represented through matrices. The difference now in this experiment from the first is that we are asked to give the amplitude, frequency, and sampling frequency of the signal. In getting these parameters of the given elementary signals, we were to code our own program that would yield these requirements. This programming, however, is a feature in Matlab. The use of programming commands such as “FOR”, “LOOP”, and “NEXT” are used now, and they still follow the if-then-else statements of basic programming.


Although we did not expect that programming is possible in Matlab, the syntax of the algorithm is just similar to that of what we previously learned, Visual Basic. Such previous knowledge about basic computer programming language is very useful. Not only the format is almost the same, commands are also close in Matlab and in Visual Basic. Previous lesson in Signal processing, such as the advancing and delaying of a given signal, are also helpful in this experiment.

I don't know if this is final. I think I need to edit it and add more explanations to it to give more emphasis to my points.

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