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Have you ever imagined a portable Operating System that can process your documents, spreadsheets, presentation, browse and download from your favorite website , play games and your favorite music, or even burn your cds and dvds, and most of all, fits in your pocket? Well, imagine no more and just sit back, relax, and read this.

As I was reading some articles in one of my favorite sites (, I have stumbled (again, lol) on some Linux Distribution (or distro) that are so light, yet so powerful. These Linux distributions are so small that you can even install it on a 50MB usb flash drive, but still remains as stable as other Linux distros available.

These distros can run very well on new computers, and even run fast on old ones with processors earlier than the Intel Pentium Series (just imagine how light that is). Just download them and burn them as a CD image (not as a file). The CD is a LiveCD, which can be booted from the boot menu (that's pressing 'Del' when you turn on your computer, then select your CD drive to be booted first). You can also install it on your hard drive, or even on a flash drive with at least 50MB of free space to make it work even faster. Whether the distro is on a cd or in a portable usb flash drive, you can boot it on every computer you use, then like magic, the computer just transforms like it was your own.

Let's see what portable Linux Distribution is for you. You can go to this site "> to find out more about these Mini Linuxes. I have already picked two most common for you.

The first in line.....

Damn Small Linux (DSL)

DSL is a very light and versatile desktop oriented Linux operating system that can run in almost every computer in your home or office. Althought the recommended Random Access Memory is 128MB (what a very small requirement), it runs perfectly even with 16MB of RAM and you will be amazed how fast your computer will be.


SLAX Linux Operating System

SLAX is, it think, a better choice to users who look more on the looks. This system is running on a very beautiful Graphical User Interface (GUI) that requires only 128MB of RAM, although it is recommended to have 256MB to operate at full speed. Slax also requires more hard disk space of of at least 200MB compared to the 50MB of DSL.

Here you have it, your new portable PC. You don't have to worry bringing your system with you anywhere because DSL and SLAX are available for free (you just need a fast internet connection to download the CD image).


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