the bad start

Just right before I lay down to sleep, around past half eleven o'clock, I scheduled my alarm clock to ring at exactly 6:30AM the next morning. But since my sleeping time was quite unstable because of the recent Christmas break, where I sleep around 2-3AM, I wasn't able to sleep right away. There were lots of thoughts running around my mind; which includes most of my subjects: electromagnetics, fluid mechanics, signals, and all my upcoming exams.


After that very uncomfortable sleep, i woke up past 8 in the morning! Oh no, this wasn't the start I was hoping for this new year, considering I had already 4 or 5 absences in my first subject every MWF. So I hurried my stuff before going to school, hoping I could catch within the allowed minutes considered as only late (that's 15 minutes after the start of the class, after this, I'm already late!). Moments later, I arrived to school safe and sound, and late!!! I arrived exactly 9:00AM, thirty minutes late, or already considered absent. This accounted to another unproductive Friday, not to mention my next class is 4:00 in the afternoon.

fast forward...

After that unpleasant incident, I found myself hanging with my classmates in the computer house, where we waited for our other peers so that we can start a DOTA match. Now that the cast is complete, it was time for some strategies here, gold earning there, and of course, hero kills everywhere. We actually finished playing after our eyes started to sore and our heads starting to ache, and good for us it only took us 3 hours now.

back to reality...

The long wait is over and I found myself now sitting at my chair, seriously listening to our Fluid Mechanics instructor. He asked about our short break, and as expected, most answered it was too short to enjoy. So my life went on, going back to books and notes, trying to survive another day in school.


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