the other look of my computer

During the past months, I was trying to explore more about computers, about hardware and software as well. With eagerness about these computer stuff, I found myself reading a book about computer operating systems, specifically on the Linux System. My curiousness rose when I read that most Linux enthusiasts claim that their system are far stable than the traditional Windows. Well, just like most Windows users, I do not intend to switch to another operating system, but I want to give it a little try...

There are a lot of Linux editions, called distributions. One of the more common distribution is UBUNTU, a Debian-based Linux disto (for more information just go to Trying Ubuntu Linux is so easy than I ever thought it would. It's actually free!!! Just got to their site and download the cd image. It's also a LiveCD, which means you can boot the CD, and try the Ubuntu System without even installing it. Isn't it cool?

I have some few screen shots here, taken from my own Ubuntu System...

This is the Ubuntu desktop. Pretty similar to windows actually.

Some opened windows, including Mozilla Firefox

I also got to update it free. Updates keep my system from known bugs that Ubuntu has discovered. By the way, are you tired of computer viruses? Well, in the Linux world, it's virtually virus free. It's immune to all windows virus, I don't even use an antivirus.

And these are the common programs when I use ubuntu:

1. Pidgin Internet Messenger - the all-in-one messenger

2. - the better alternative to MSWord

3. Mozilla Firefox - the safer choice in internet browsing

Windows may be the most popular OS in the market, but popularity does't really always mean to be the best. Linux gives me the option to see other things beyond tradition, things that sometimes really goes beyond our imaginations.


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