Do We NEED the Apple iPhone?

After shocking the techno world, more than 6 months after its introduction on June 29, 2007, Apple Inc.'s revolutionary iPhone is still rising up to the occasion, making history not only on popularity but also in innovation. Although this might be true to many gadget enthusiasts, there are still a number of end users who know it only by name. If you think you're one of them, join me in reviewing this popular handheld wonder.

As advertised by its manufacturer, Apple Incorporated, iPhone boasts of four major features: Revolutionary Phone, Widescreen iPod, Breakthrough Internet Device, and High Technology. Let's now go through it one by one.

Revolutionary Phone

"iPhone is a revolutionary new mobile phone that allows you to make a call by simply tapping a name or number in your address book, a favorites list, or a call log. It also automatically syncs all your contacts from a PC, Mac, or Internet service. And it lets you select and listen to voicemail messages in whatever order you want — just like email."

This feature is very attractive to users who just use the iPhone as any other mobile phones out in the market (they are those just wanted the iPhone to increase their school popularity.) But for us Laytechs, this feature doesn't even compensate for its very expensive price.

Widescreen iPod

"iPhone is a widescreen iPod with touch controls that lets you enjoy your content — including music, audiobooks, videos, TV shows, and movies — on a beautiful 3.5-inch display. It allows you to sync the content from the iTunes library on your PC or Mac and access it all with the touch of a finger."

This sounds like your home theater is now a mobile phone. My question now is,"What are the video format currently supported by iPhone"? Take in mind that most Apple gadgets, including their desktops, have exclusive software which are all created by none other than Apple Inc. as well. If you're not too particular to videos, then why do you need a large screen display for your songs anyway?

Breakthrough Internet Device, and High Technology

"iPhone features a rich HTML email client and Safari — the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device — which automatically syncs bookmarks from your PC or Mac. Safari also includes built-in Google and Yahoo! search. iPhone is fully multi-tasking, so you can read a web page while downloading your email in the background over Wi-Fi or EDGE..."

"...iPhone introduces the most revolutionary user interface since the mouse, the most advanced software ever engineered, and true state-of-the-art technology that will change the way you think about a mobile device. With over 300 patents, iPhone is years ahead of any other phone available today."

If there are things that I envy iPhone, here they are. The last two, but certainly the most praised among the general features, the iPhone combines advanced internet browsing technology and rock solid durability in one. As i see it, no other mobile phone I know comes close to the browsing power of iPhone (Apple gadgets are famous of their fancy GUI.) And contrary to popular trends of high-end gadgets, iPhone features protective technology that helps the gadget last long (as compared to most gadgets now that are very delicate and sensitive to physical contacts.) These general features really pay off its expensiveness.

There you have it. These are only my opinion. It's up to you to decide.


danpakz said...

new trend of technology now-a-days are touch screen and people are getting lazier... hahaha that includes me! :D i really like this phone, someday i'll buy one for my self...

you can also check Microsoft-Surface

danpakz said...

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