Engineering Show: Iron Man Movie

Just the other night, I watched Paramount Pictures' Iron Man. It was not really part of my plan for the day but a Jesuit friend treated us (with Peter and Kirby), so I just grabbed the opportunity. After eating pizzas and pastas for dinner, we proceeded for the show. And so we were already there, sitting and waiting for the movie to start.

Although I'm fond of Marvel movies, I had never read a single Marvel Comic in my entire life (talk about no extra money for things like that..). Good thing that Peter sat beside me to explain to me some things that I don't clearly understand. But wait! Forget all the story and the plot. Guess what really caught my attention in the movie: Tony Stark, the man beneath the Iron Man armor. Not Anthony Edward who played Tony Stark, but the character of Tony Stark. Tony Stark was an engineer scientist, something that I want to be like when I finish my degree.

Wow, you can just imagine how I felt as I watch the movie. You see, although my only finished project is a power supply with an output of 5 and 12 volts, it's my dream to have a laboratory like what Tony Stark had. His mini-reactor that produces enormous power may be close to impossibility today, it made me a little more inspired to do better in school.

I think you should watch the movie too, especially if your field is in technology.


tinkerbelle said...

yeah! it was a good movie!
actualy, watched it "twice" hahahah!


Like with Tony Stark, "if" he was a real person, i guess his dad would have taught him never to be hindered with the word "CANT" Or "IMPOSSIBLE". Our mind has no limits. Were just using about 13% of our brain capacity; and what if we were to use the rest?


Vincent Bautista said...

hey neil! How are you? Just paying you a visit. It's been a while since I blogged hop.

Have a great day now. ^_^

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Thesabel Tuto said...

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