Encore Wireless G Router

My cousin recently bought a new laptop and she wanted to have a wireless home network after having an internet connection at home. So she asked me to buy her a wireless router for her wireless home network. Then I began to look for wireless router available in our area and I encountered known expensive brands such as LinkSys, DLink, NetGear, and some not-so-popular but cheap brands like Planet and Encore.

I felt like going against the odds so I chose between Planet and Encore. Then to finally choose what brand to buy, I looked closely at their prices and then the winner clearly separated itself from its contender. Encore ENHWI-G2 at Php 1,380 (~$29), while Planet WRT4152.14Ghz 54MBps at Php 1,595 (~$34). No more questions asked :).

Installation and performance will be discussed later. Just keep updated. :)


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