What's with the Php150K?

Last week, I opened a poll about having Php150,000 cold cash. I tried to find out whether you want to buy a brand new laptop, or a secondhand car, deposit it in bank for future use, or donate it for good cause. Now that things have settled and the poll war has been over, it seems that we have a tough triple tie.

Buy A Brand New Laptop

I think that most of us now are computer literate, not to mention the growing population of techno geeks (hehehe). Having this amount of P150K will definitely buy you a great value laptop with blazing speeds that you always dreamed of. Try check LaptopKing website, its an online laptop store which offers a wide range of these machines.

Buy A Secondhand Car

This is my personal choice. My good friend, who's an automobile enthusiast, have been an talking all day and night about cars, cars, and more cars. So I ask him how much a secondhand car would cost and he said P150K is already a good price. He have given me a website where the business of buy-and-sell of cars happens: tsikot.com. Let's go and check it out.

Deposit In A Bank

There are still people who think of future much as they think of the present. For me, I think this is still a very good choice, you got to save your money and use it for future expenses, not to mention important future expenses.

There you have it, end of the poll. Thank you to all who participated.


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