Smart Bro Share It Misfortunes Part 3

The last two problems I encountered with Smart Bro Share It were very disappointing. But I was optimistic I won't be having any more problems with my new internet connection. Then, I was wrong. What I experienced was only the tip of the iceberg.

Very Poor After Sales Support...
Technical Support not technical at all...

It was December 24, 2009 (48 days after we received our Smart Bro Share It) when my elder brother came home from Manila to sped Christmas vacation with us. I was excited to show him our new internet connection with built-in wireless LAN (wifi) capability. It was almost 12 noon that suddenly we could not connect to the internet. I noticed that our Huawei 3G Router (the Smart Bro Share It unit) indicated "searching for signal". I thought it was just an ordinary interruption so I did the Smart-24-hour-hotline-connect-most-recommended-troubleshooting technique, the very famous Unplugging-then-Restarting of the internet modem/router. From this point onward, let's call it the "Smart Troubleshooting". After several attempts using Smart Troubleshooting, our internet connection was still down and the same "searching for signal" indicator status in the Router unit.

I thought it was time for more "smarter" troubleshooting techniques. As a senior Electronics and Communications student I was gifted with the technical skills in network troubleshooting. So I tried checking the different network devices to see which one of them is not properly working. I can give a detailed explanation on network troubleshooting but to make the story short, I found out that our Smart Bro Share It unit was problematic. To verify my findings, I observed my internet connection for 24 hours.

December 25, 2009. Still no internet connection. I double checked everything and still the same problems as yesterday.

Since we were busy with different Christmas activities, we were able to report our problem December 26. My mother called the Smart Hotline, talked to the representative, and explained our problem. As expected the representative advised us the Smart Troubleshooting. Even though we had performed it several times already, even had in-depth troubleshooting, we still did what the representative told us. After nothing happened, he just told us that we observe our internet connection for next 24 hours. Wow, we already did that, but still, we followed.

The next day, December 27, we called again. And again, we were asked to wait for another 24 hours. And we waited. December 28, still there was no internet connection. We called again, and finally we were advised to visit the nearest Smart Wireless Center.

Was this their best way to handle a complaint? What were they doing for 3 days??? After all the waiting, telling us to go to the nearest Smart Wireless Center was all they could do. Thank you very much for wasting our time!

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