Smart Bro Shareit Misfortunes Part 2

Remember my Smart Bro Shareit Misfortunes Part 1? Here is the sequel..

Promo.. Promo.. What Promo?

As I mentioned my my last blog entry, we applied for the Smart Bro Shareit that came with a promo. With the promo flyer given to us together with the application form, it said that new Smart Bro subscribers can avail of a 4GB Imation flash drive. Wow, I thought it was pretty nice.

After getting our new Shareit unit last November 6, I noticed that there was no 4GB Imation flash drive in the package. So the next day, I texted the agent/representative who took care of our application the following day. To my surprise, he replied that the promo period expired October 31. Whaaat? We applied and gave all the necessary requirement October 25, and thanks to their turtle-slow processing, it was approved November 5. To be honest, I was quite disappointed I did not have the 4GB Imation flash drive.

Well, I guess there are things we just have to charge to experience... and write in our blog of course.

You can read my previous entry on my Smart Bro Shareit Misfortunes Here:


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